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The Scary Menace Test โ€“ Beano No 3907

Test your Beano knowledge with our creepy quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 18th 2017

Test your knowledge with these bone-chilling beano questions!

1/6 Bananaman is in for a frightening time!

Which of these ghastly creatures can NOT be seen at Gloom's hideout?

2/6 JJ jumps into a portal

Where does JJ's spooky portal take her to?

3/6 Minnie makes mischief

What's Minnie's Halloween costume this year?

4/6 Ball Boy gets his wish

Ball Boy finds a genie; but what does he wish for?

5/6 Bash Street Freak Show

What's got teacher freaked out?

6/6 Rubi creates a ridiculous creature!

What does Rubi make a giant 3D hologram out of?

Yikes. A scary score - in a bad way! Read the issue with your eyes open and try again.

A spookily high score! What a scream!

A perfect score, or a creepy coincidence?