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The Silly Insult Generator

Knobbly pair of old socks or humongous box of otters? Let the dice decide!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  October 29th 2016

You will need

- A printer to print off our templates (or you can make your own!). You'll need to download our template from here first.- Some card- Scissors- Glue stick- Some help from an adult!

Step 1

Stick the template to a piece of card

Step 2

Carefully cut the template out with a pair of scissors

Step 3

Fold along all the lines, so it looks like a cube

Step 4

Stick the cube together by gluing the tabs to the closest bit of card


Now just wait for the glue to dry and give those dice a throw! Try making your own with different silly words!

...Stinky bogbrush? How very dare you!