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The Snowman: A Netchicks Movie Mashup

This chicken-lickin' special is a real snowball

Hi, I’m Macaulay Cluckin and I was speaking to comedy queen, Chris Cracker, the other day and she asked me to ask you all a question.

Are you ready? Okay, here we go…

What did Father Chickmas say to the snowman?

I have snow idea!

Seriously, if you know the answer, can somebody tell me? I don’t knowing Chris was trying to be funny, but it’s left me flummoxed to be honest.

But it’s good that we’ve brought up the subject of snowmen, because that’s the focus of today’s Netchicks special, which is called (funnily enough) the Snowman and also starring Stevie Knows, so while I try and work out what Chris was talking about,  you should watch the show – it’s a real ball. A snowball, that is.