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The Sun Quiz

The Sun's not just a giant ball of burning gas... Well, actually that's all it is, but it doesn't stop our Sun Quiz being hot stuff.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

What is the Sun?


What is it made from?


What are the two main gases that make up The Sun?


How long does it take light to travel to Earth?


5/9 Which planet is nearest to The Sun?


6/9 What type of star is the Sun?


Which of these words is to do with the sun?


8/9 Fill in the missing fresh rhyme from the viral hit song We Are The Planets: "This is the sun, rapping first on this track from the beginning, I'm the centre of the solar system planets be __________ around me, so hot"


9/9 How fast is the Sun travelling through space?

Freezing cold. You're so far away from the answers you've just passed Pluto.

Getting warmer. You're close to being an expert on the Sun. Not literally "on" though. That would be very dangerous.

Boiling hot. Even hotter than boiling hot. You're so hot you're on the Sun.