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The Ultimate 80s Music Quiz!

How well do you know the music of the 1980s? Test your knowledge here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 1st 2022

Some old people think the 80s were the best decade for music. How much do you know about this golden era of music?

1/27 Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson | Rhythm Nation | Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis | dir. Dominic Sena | A&M Records

Janet Jackson's single Rhythm Nation was released in which year?

2/27 a-ha
a-ha | Warner Bros.

Which country are 80s pop legends a-ha from?

3/27 A famous pop duo
Mute Records

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke were a pop duo known as what?

4/27 Kylie minogue
Grundy Television

Kylie Minogue became a pop star while she was acting in which Australian show?


MARRS had a hit in 1988 with Pump Up The... what?


Who sings 'Sunshine on Leith'?


Which of these is NOT a Cyndi Lauper song?

8/27  A scene from Bohemian Rhapsody
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment | Regal Films

The film Bohemian Rhapsody told the story of which rock band?

9/27 This singer had a hit with Never Gonna Give You Up

Who was Never Gonna Give You Up in 1987?

10/27 The cover of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Survivor had a hit with Eye of the Tiger. Which film did it feature in?

11/27 80s trio Bros

What was the title of Bros' debut album?

12/27 Bros

What are the two Goss brothers in Bros called?

13/27 Boy George and his 80s group

Boy George sang for which band?

14/27 Thompson Twins

Were the Thompson Twins actually related?

15/27 This band from the 80s had a hit with Manic Monday

Which all-girl group had a Manic Monday?

16/27 Whitney Houston

What was Whitney Houston's first number one in the USA?

17/27 A popular 80s music duo

What is the name of this duo?

18/27 Wet Wet Wet's cover for Popped In Souled Out
Wet Wet Wet

Wet Wet Wet are the biggest band to come from Wales. True or false?

19/27 Sting, Bono and Simon Le Bon
Band Aid | YouTube

Band Aid was the name of an all-star charity group. What song did they release?

20/27 Madonna in Who's That Girl?
Madonna | Giphy

What is Madonna's full name?

21/27 This duo had a hit with Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Who had a hit with Everybody Wants to Rule the World?

22/27 Michael J Fox in Back To The Future
Back To The Future | Director: Robert Zemeckis | Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures

The Power of Love appears on the Back to The Future soundtrack. Who performed it?

23/27 Born In The USA
Columbia Records

Who's this chap wearing a red cap in his pocket?

24/27 Glastonbury Festival
BBC Glastonbury Festival | Giphy

Who released a song called Buffalo Stance?

25/27 99 Red Balloons

Which German group released 99 Red Balloons?

26/27 Come On Eileen
Beyond Retro

Which band had a hit with Come On Eileen?

27/27 Queen artwork for a 1986 hit single

Queen had a 1986 hit single with A Kind Of... what?

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