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The Ultimate Annie LeBlanc Quiz

Can you beat our Annie LeBlanc trivia quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Annie Le Blanc Quiz featuring our awesome "What Does Annie Carry in her Bag" section

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Annie Le Blanc is famous for...

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Have you heard that awesome track she's recorded. It's called...

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Ice pop means...

@annieleblanc | YouTube

What does Annie pull from her bag?

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Annie's so random! Why does she has a lint roller in her bag?

@annieleblanc | YouTube

What sort of camera does she have in her bag?

@annieleblanc | YouTube

What's the next thing to come out of her bag?


Who did she play in Chicken Girls: The Movie?

Sesame Street | Sesame Workshop | PBS

What was her parents YouTube channel called? Clue: It's a combination of her sister's name and a word meaning a spoilt child

@bratayley | YouTube

So what's her sister's name?

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Belly Flop! You don't even know who Annie Le Blanc is, do you? Check out her latest tracks on her YouTube channel?

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Forward Roll! Not bad. Not bad at all. But maybe you need to get up to date with her new content. It's awesome.

@annieleblanc | YouTube

Perfect 10. You have a creepy knowledge of Annie LeBlanc. You've probably seen all her videos, or maybe you are her!? In which case can I have your autograph, I'm like, totally, your biggest fan!