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The Ultimate Aries Quiz

Are you *really* an Aries? Try our Ultimate Aries Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 We love Zoella
@zoella | Instagram

Look! There’s a famous YouTuber doing her shopping!

2/10 Messy bedroom?

Oh no! You can’t find your school jumper!

3/10 Sandwich

What’s in your sandwich?

@theguardian | Giphy

The Earth is under threat from global warming. What do we do about it?


5/10 What’s your favourite colour?

6/10 Lady Gaga
@ladygaga | Instagram

Which one of these celebrities is an Aries?

7/10 Bespectacled Sheep

What's your favourite farmyard animal

8/10 Snowman

Favourite winter clothing

9/10 Superdog

Which of these superheroes is an Aries?

10/10 I am a gherkin

I am a gherkin

Bah! You're galaxies away from being an Aries

In the rough area of Aries

Phew! You're definitely Aries. Not Baaad.