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The Ultimate ASMR Quiz! Are You An Expert?

Are you an ASMR expert? It's time to find out with this specially tailor quiz! Settle down and see how many questions you can get right!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 6th 2022

Shhh! It's time to take the ultimate ASMR quiz and see how much you know! This whisper-filled phenomenon is a tonne of fun! Answer some quiz questions and we'll tell you if you're an ASMR expert! Settle down, get veeerrrry quiet and let's get started! How well will you do?

1/10 Woman's hands over microphone with arrow

What does ASMR stand for?

2/10 Woman with hands on ears with screaming pineapple on yellow background

What is misphonia?

3/10 Man whispering to woman on orange background with splats

True or false; ASMR can be good for your mental health?

4/10 Man speaking behind hand on blue background with question marks

True or false: everyone can experience ASMR?

5/10 Shocked microphone with someone holding slime next to it

Which of these is a famous ASMR YouTuber?

6/10 Woman looking strong on yellow background with splats

Which of these can happen when you experience ASMR?

7/10 Man listening to headphones on bed with Beano megaphone

When did the first ASMR video come out?

8/10 Fingers popping bubblewrap with eyes

What's the most popular ASMR sound?

9/10 Beano brain on blue brick background

What are 'Brain tingles'?

10/10 Woman asleep with Beano rubber chicken

Which famous artist is now used as an ASMR trigger?

Lowest result

Oh nooo! Looks like you don't know much about ASMR! Maybe you're just not into it, or maybe you've never heard of it. Never mind, that's just a good excuse to go and check out some cool videos!

Try Again result

You know a little bit about ASMR but we think you could do better! Have another go and see what you've learned about this cool phenomenon!

Well Done result

Well done! You've got a real EAR for this! But can you get 100% next time? Have another go and see!

Highest result

Wow! We don't want to shout about it, but you got full marks! Amazing! As a reward why not go and watch your favourite ASMR videos?