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The Ultimate Athletics Quiz

Test your athletics knowledge with this awesome quiz!

The Ultimate Athletics Quiz

1/8 Olympics

When was athletics introduced to the modern Olympics?

2/8 Man dabbing

Which athlete is famous for dabbing?

3/8 Trophy held aloft

Which of these people have won gold for Great Britain in athletics? 

4/8 Greek art

What did the ancient Greeks wear when competing?

5/8 Runners on track

Which of these is NOT an athletic event?

6/8 Runners legs

What is a decathlon?

7/8 Running track

Who is the governing body of athletics in the UK?

8/8 Runner

What is shot put?

Amazing result

Awesome! You really know athletics! Gold medal worthy knowledge! 

Well done result

Well done! You're an athletics egghead!

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Hmm, you know a little bit about athletics, why not take the quiz again and see if you can score higher?

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Oh no! You need to train harder! Try again!