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The Ultimate Badminton Quiz

Is your sporty knowledge good or bad(minton)?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Badminton Quiz

1/8 Shuttlecock and racquet on grass

Who invented Badminton in its modern form?

2/8 Shuttlecock on white background

What's this thing called?

3/8 puppy with shuttlecockon grass

What is the original Indian game called?

4/8 Man with racquet on blue background

What equipment do players use in Badminton?

5/8 Girl holding racquet on badminton court

Which year was Badminton introduced to the Olympics? 

6/8 Someone holding racquet and shuttlecock

How many feathers are traditionally in a shuttlecock?

7/8 Shuttlecock on hand

A Chinese sport called Ti Zian Ji is a forerunner to Baminton - but what makes it different?

8/8 Badminton net with hench bluetit

Which one of these is a rule of Badminton?

Awesome result thumbnail

Wow, you know A LOT about badminton!  

Well done result thumbnail

Well done, you're a bit of a badminton brainbox! 

Try again result thumbnail

Not bad, but you can improve! Try again and see if you learn anything new about this awesome sport!

Oh no result thumbnail

Oh no, you're pretty clueless when it comes to badminton! Why not give it a try and see if you enjoy it? Then you can try and score higher on the quiz!