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The Ultimate Basketball Rules Quiz

Basketball. It's not just bouncing a ball and awesome trainers. There are rules too! Do you know know them?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

You're getting ready for your first pro-basketball game and the coach asks you "What you gonna do?" What do you say?


You jog out onto the court. How many people - counting yourself - are on your team?


That hoop is high up! I wonder how high it is?


The game starts. Someone throws you the ball. Which of the following things shouldn't you do?


All this basketball is tiring. How long do we have to run around for? 


The court clears and you're in your own half. How many points if you throw the ball through the hoop?


You're up close to the hoop. You jump in the air and slam the ball through the hoop. How many points do you get now?


Uh oh! You're in trouble with the ref. What might you have done to break the rules?


Someone fouls you. You get two free throws. You miss the first but get the second. How many points do you score?


The game's over. Who won?

Foul play. No score for you!

Great dribbling. And not the sort that requires a napkin to dry your shirt. Well done! 

SLAM DUNK! Move to the top of the division!