Ultimate Basketball Trivia Questions

How much do you know about B-ball? Test yourself with this slam-dunkin' sports quiz!

Basketball is one of the most fast-paced games in the world – total blink-and-you'll-miss-it stuff.  

So, is your b-ball trivia an epic slam dunk? Take this quiz and find out now! 


Before basketballs were invented in 1929, what kind of ball did people use to play basketball with?

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This guy scored the most playoff points ever, and is one of the all-time greatest players. What's his name?


How many people are on a basketball team?


NBA players are usually taller than:


When basketball was first invented, what colour were the balls?

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What team does Lebron James play for?

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Which of these is NOT a real NBA team?


Basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania, the Eastern European country. True or false?


In the USA before hoops were invented, people used to throw leather balls at pictures of the King of England. It was called "Faceball". True or false?


Which of these is slang for playing basketball?


What is the name of the Golden State Warriors’ arena?


What's the name of Chicago's NBA team?

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