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The Ultimate Bird Quiz

Feeling clucky? See if you can pass this bird quiz with flying colours!

Last Updated:  July 7th 2021
First Published:  July 19th 2019
1/15 Stuffed Dodo with funny eyes

Which of these birds is now extinct?

2/15 Pelican with a screaming pineapple on its back

Which of these birds is flightless?

3/15 Own and arrows

How far round can an owl rotate it's neck?

4/15 Kiwi bird with googly eyes and splat

What country is the Kiwi the national bird of?

5/15 Peacock with googly eyes

What's a female peacock called?


Which bird is the national symbol of the USA?


What type of bird is this?


Birds are related to dinosaurs. True or false?


How many species of birds are there?


The lightest bird in the world weighs only 1.6 grams - that's less than a penny! Which bird is it?


Which of these is NOT a real bird?


Why are flamingos pink?


Because of an old law, all the swans in the UK are owned by one person. Who?


What do you call a group of ravens?


How many words can the African Grey parrot learn?

Uh-oh! Try again, bird brain!

Not bad - but you can do better!

Nice work! You're clearly very talon-ted!

Amazing! Top marks! How egg-citing!