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The Ultimate Book Quiz

So you're a bookworm, eh? Test your literature skills with this page-turning book quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2021

Complete the name of this series of books:"Murder Most...."


What do Fing, Blob and Mr Stink have in common?


Complete the name of this famous book by Roald Dahl:James and the Giant___


Star Wars was based on a book. True or false?


The first books ever written are about 4500 years old, and they were written in Sumeria (where Iraq is today). Can you guess what they were written on?


How many Harry Potter books are there? Not including the Fantastic Beasts ones!


What are the big, heavy balls in Quidditch called?

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Frozen is based on a book. True or false?


Which of these ISN'T a real book?


How many books do you think there are in the world?

Uh oh...not much of a book worm then? Never mind - see if you get a higher score on a different quiz!

Pretty good! You can do better though - try another quiz?

Yeah! Good job, fellow book worm!

Wahooo! You're the book master!