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The Ultimate Burnley FC Quiz!

How much do you know about these Lancashire legends? Take the quiz and test your trivia!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/10 Burnley Football Club

Which ground do Burnley play their home games?

2/10 A handful of money

At £15 million each, which two players are Burnley's most expensive signings?

3/10 Turf Moor

What is Burnley's ground capacity?

4/10 Burnley vs Spurs

What is Burnley's nickname?

5/10 Burnley badge

What type of bird is featured on the club's badge?

6/10 Burnley shoot!

Who scored the most league goals in 2018-19?

7/10 Ben Mee in action for Burnley FC

Which teams are Burnley's biggest rivals?

8/10 A Burnley home kit shirt

Where did the team place in the 2018-19 Premier League?

9/10 Nick Pope stops a shot for Burnley

When did the club form?

10/10 Sean Dyche

Which team did Sean Dyche manage before joining Burnley?

Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try

Good try! Maybe have another go?

Great job

Great job! You know lots about Burnley FC!


Wow! You're a true Claret!