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The Ultimate Calamity James Quiz!

How well do you know the unluckiest boy in the world? Grab your lucky rabbit's foot and find out with this blam-tastic Beanotown quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 20th 2022

He's one of Beanotown's most loved residents, even if he does bring disaster with him everywhere he goes! But there's more to James than lightning-frazzled umbrellas and knotted-up shoelaces! Answer these questions and we'll soon find out how much you know about this classic comic character!

1/10 A hysterical chicken and a globe

Calamity James is the world's... what?


What does James wear all the time?


Where does he live?


What kind of animal is James' sidekick?


And what's his full name?

6/10 Flower Jokes

James collects things to try and improve his luck. Which of these plants does he have?


His luck might be terrible, but James.... what?


What are these things?


Why do the Squelchy things always hang around James?


How does Alexander help James out?

Oh no! Unlucky! Typical, eh? Never mind - have another go and see if you can see where you went wrong! Hint - you can always check out our Calamity James fact file to look up some of the answers!

Not bad! This is a decent score, so you clearly know a thing or two about Calamity James and Alexander Lemming! Do you know where you went wrong? Better have another go and see if you can get 10/10!

Woah! Nicely done! James is impressed - nothing this good usually happens to him! You just missed out on full marks though - fancy trying a different Beanotown quiz and seeing if you can ace that one instead?

Wahooo! The perfect score! You know more about Calamity James than Alex the Lemming does... and that's everything! Great work! Now, can you get another high score on a different Beanotown quiz?