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The Ultimate Chelsea FC Quiz Questions

How much do you know about Chelsea FC?

Would you regard yourself as Chelsea’s biggest fan? Put your football trivia to the test with our very special quiz!

1/15 Old football boots with question mark and splat

When was Chelsea FC founded?

2/15 Man in suit with football and referee cheetah

Who currently owns Chelsea?

3/15 Female footballer kicking football in stadium

What is the women's team commonly referred to as?

4/15 Two old men playing football on a white background

Which of these is a nickname for the club?

5/15 Footballer with lots of money and referee cheetah

How much is Chelsea worth?

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What nickname have the Chelsea fans given Caesar Azpilicueta? 


Who is Chelsea's all-time leading goalscorer? 

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Who is this German international player?


How many times have Chelsea won the Premier League? 


In what year did Chelsea win the Champions League? 

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How much did Chelsea pay for Mateo Kovacic? 


What is the name of Chelsea's home ground?

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Olivier Giroud joined Chelsea from which London club? 

14/15 A lion

Chelsea's mascot is a lion, what's his name? 

15/15 Jorginho
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Which national team does Jorginho play for? 

Oh no
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Oh no! You need to watch more Chelsea games!

Good try
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Good try! It's a promising start, have another go!

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Great! You know your Chelsea trivia!

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Wow! You're a true Chelsea fan!