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The Ultimate Chelsea FC Quiz Questions

How much do you know about Chelsea FC?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 23rd 2022

Would you regard yourself as Chelsea's biggest fan? Put your football trivia to the test with our very special quiz!

1/15 Old football boots with question mark and splat

When was Chelsea FC founded?

2/15 Man in suit with football and referee cheetah

Who currently owns Chelsea?

3/15 Female footballer kicking football in stadium

What is the women's team commonly referred to as?

4/15 Two old men playing football on a white background

Which of these is a nickname for the club?

5/15 Footballer with lots of money and referee cheetah

How much is Chelsea worth?

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What nickname have the Chelsea fans given Caesar Azpilicueta? 


Who is Chelsea's all-time leading goalscorer? 

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Who is this German international player?


How many times have Chelsea won the Premier League? 


In what year did Chelsea win the Champions League? 

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How much did Chelsea pay for Mateo Kovacic? 


What is the name of Chelsea's home ground?

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Olivier Giroud joined Chelsea from which London club? 

14/15 A lion

Chelsea's mascot is a lion, what's his name? 

15/15 Jorginho
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Which national team does Jorginho play for? 

Oh no
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Oh no! You need to watch more Chelsea games!

Good try
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Good try! It's a promising start, have another go!

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Great! You know your Chelsea trivia!

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Wow! You're a true Chelsea fan!