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The Ultimate Chocolate Bar Quiz

Think you're a chocolate expert? Test your cocoa know-how with this super-sweet choco quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

Mmm chocolate - surely humankind's greatest creation? Until we invent a homework-doing machine or a no-charge phone, of course. But until then, there's chocolate!


In Japan, there are over 200 flavours of Kit Kat that you can't get in the UK. Which of these is NOT a real Japanese Kit Kat flavour?


Chocolate comes from cocoa beans. But what are cocoa beans REALLY?


What kind of chocolate bar is this?


No Snickers bar doesn't have peanuts in it. True or false? Are you sure? Read the question again!


The mountain on the Toblerone packet is the Matterhorn, a real life mountain in what part of the world?


What do you call a Milky Way in the USA?


What kind of chocolate bar is this?

@aerochocolateuki | instagram

What are the bubbles in Aero bars made from?


What kind of chocolate bar has a frog as it's logo?

@callebautchocolate | instagram

Belgian chocolate scientists (apparently that's a real job!) have invented a new type of chocolate. It's pink and made from cocoa beans that are treated in a different way. What's this new kind of chocolate called?

11/12 Person eating chocolate

How many chocolate bars will the average person eat during their lifetime?

12/12 Chocolate bar

What is Cadbury's milk chocolate bar called?

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Nice work! You know your chocolate bars!

Amazing! High score - you're a chocolate genius!