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8 Question Christmas Song Picture Quiz

Are you a Christmas hit or a Christmas miss? Play the ultimate Christmas Song Picture Quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  December 2nd 2021

It's that time of the year again! Whatever you think of Christmas songs, there's just no way of escaping them! So you may as well test your knowledge of those songs that always get stuck in your head each Christmas. If you want more Beano stuff, head over to our quiz where we can guess how old you are based on answers you give us- cool!

1/8 Wham! – a popular 80s pop duo performing live
Live Aid 1985 | The Band Aid Trust | BBC

What did these guys give you "last Christmas"?

2/8 Wrapping a Christmas gift

And who are they regifting it to this year?

3/8 Ed Sheeran clapping at an awards ceremony
The BRIT Awards | BPIThe BRIT Trust | ITV

Who was this guy dancing with in the dark?

4/8 A row of sausage rolls

Who built a city on this snack?

5/8 A painting of Bing Crosby
@bingcrosbyofficial | Instagram

What colour Christmas was this guy droning on about?

6/8 Elvis Presley singing a song
@elvis | Instagram

What colour Christmas was this guy droning on about? And yes, it's the same question as before.

7/8 Spice Girls
Spice World | Polygram | Uri Fruchtmannβ€Ž, β€ŽBarnaby Thompson | Bob Spiers

How many Christmas number 1's did these girls get?

8/8 The Beatles in a recording studio
@thebeatles | Instagram

Last question. How many Christmas number 1's did these guys get?

Result: AWFUL

What a grinch! I mean, seriously? No presents for you this year.

Result: NOT BAD

Not so bad. You're not Christmas Number 1. But you're in the top ten.


You've made it to Christmas Number 1. And you're not any old Christmas Number 1, either. You're the sort of Christmas Number 1 that people listen to every year. Non-stop. I hope you don't get annoying.