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Christmas Song Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Find out how well you know the Christmas hits!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 2nd 2021

What isn’t a correct next line? Rockin around the Christmas Tree...

Elf | New Line CInema

Deck the halls with..


Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day...


Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with…

Elf | New Line Cinema

Who's the missing artist in this Christmas No 1. line up: Sean Paul, Anne Marie and…


So here it is, Merry Christmas. Everybody's having…


Hey, Shakin' Stevens! What is that stuff falling all around you?

You're a Christmas Miss! Your musical is so low, you didn't even chart!

You're a Christmas Hit. You know your stuff. If you were a song you'd be the one that got to number 2 last year. What was it called again?

You're Christmas Number 1! Pack that roast turkey into a suitcase. We're going on a world tour!