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The Ultimate Claire Rock Smith Quiz

Claire Rock Smith is so totally in Piper Rockelle's Squad, she might as well be related to her. Oh, what's that? She is related to her? Yes, we knew that really, because we are such HUGE fans of Clare Rock Smith, we've made this quiz all about her.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 7th 2023

How well do you know the awesomely funny, kind, YouTube phenomenon, Clare Rock Smith? You know, the one from Piper Rockelle's squad. And can you answer the question that the whole internet is dying to know. What is her favourite reptile?

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

Starting off easy here, people. Who is Claire Rock Smith?


2/12 What country does Claire Rock Smith live in?


What star sign is she?


What US State was she born in?


5/12 What type of pet does she have?

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

And what is it's name?

7/12 Reptile thumbnail

What's Clare Rock Smith's favourite reptile?

8/12 A row of sausage rolls

What is Claire Rock Smith's favourite savoury food?

9/12 Apple Jokes

What is Clare Rock Smith's favourite sweet food?

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

Who has Claire declared a crush on in one of her hilarious prank videos?

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

What is Claire Rock Smith's sister called?

12/12 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Does Claire Rock Smith do yoga?

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

Oh no! You don't know who Clare Rock Smith is. Don't worry though, she has a gazillion videos online to help you discover more about her awesome life.

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

You know Claire Rock Smith. Not bad at all!

@clairerocksmith | Instagram

OMG Are you, like, totally in the Piper Rockwell's squad!? You know so much about Clare Rock Smith you must be her BFF