The Ultimate Crab Quiz!

In a pinch? Have a crack at this clawsome crustacean quiz!


OK! Let's start off with a tricky one. Crabs are decapods. How many legs does this mean they have?

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What do crabs eat?


Crabs live on land as well as in the sea. True or false?


Like insects, crab shells are made of a hard material called chitin.

Can you guess which of these things is also made out of chitin?


These fellas are Giant Japanese Spider crabs. What's so special about them?


This absolute chungus is a Coconut Crab - the biggest crab that lives on land. It's claw is very powerful, and can crush things with a pressure of 90 times it's body weight - the strongest pinch in the Animal Kingdom!

Why do you think it needs a claw this powerful?

Totally Random Question

How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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What crab-related fluid is very expensive? Honestly - it's about £10,000 a litre!

Image by Akvaristika Beke | Youtube via giphy

Guess the name of this furry crab!


There are over 130 species of crab that make hats for themselves out of sea sponges. Yes, really! 

But why do these sponge crabs do it?


Back to the expensive crab-goo in question 7! The answer was horseshoe crab blood, by the way. Hope you didn't fall for the blue crab sweat answer!

But why is horseshoe crab blood so expensive?


What's the fancy name for a crab's shell?


A lobster is just a type of weird looking crab. True or false?


If you're at the beach and see a crab, what should you do?

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