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The Ultimate Cycling Quiz

Ride on over and take this epic cycling quiz to test your knowledge of all things related to bikes!

Strap on your helmet and get set to take our epic cycling quiz!

If you enjoy getting out on your bike this quiz is for you. Can you get all of the answers right? Let’s see…

Here Are Our Cycling Quiz Questions … Good Luck!

1/10 Penny farthing and question marks

When was the 'Penny-farthing' invented?

2/10 Tour de France

What's the name of the most famous cycling race?


Which of these is a rule of cycling?

4/10 Amsterdam

How many bicycles are there in Amsterdam, the cycling capital of Europe?

5/10 Boy riding bike

What type of bike is in this picture?

6/10 Man riding a mountain bike

What's the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike?

7/10 Bike leaning against a tree

How much faster than walking is cycling?

8/10 Boy riding bike

Which of these is the most environmentally-friendly form of transport?


In the Tour de France, what colour jersey is awarded to the ‘King of the Mountains’ stager leader?

10/10 Part of a bike

What part of the bike is this called?

Bike on space background

Awesome! You're a cycling whizz! Well done!

Cyclist doing thumbs up

Nice! You know your cycling know how!

Cyclist facepalming

You know a tiny bit about cycling, but could always know more! Why not take the quiz again and see if you can improve your score?

The words oh no! and a cycling sign

Oh no! You can't tell a bike from a biscuit! Take the quiz again and see if you can do better!

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