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The Ultimate DanTDM Minecraft Quiz

Think you know everything about DanTDM? Take this ultra hard quiz about the game that made him famous!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

OK, so you've taken our other DanTDM quizzes and think you know all there is to know about your favourite YouTuber? WRONG! There's so much more to learn, especially about the videos he's created about the game that made him famous - Minecraft!

The Ultimate DanTDM Minecraft Quiz

1/20 dantdm minecraft
DanTDM | YouTube

Let's start right back at the beginning. Who first introduced DanTDM to the game that would make him a beloved, famous YouTube star?


2/20 What year did Dan create his The Diamond Minecart channel, dedicated to Minecraft videos?


3/20 You might already know that Dan had a Pokémon-based YouTube channel before he started focusing on Minecraft. So what was the name of the FIRST ever video uploaded to his The Diamond Minecart YouTube channel?


4/20 What date did DanTDM receive a Guinness World Record for 'most views for a dedicate Minecraft video channel'?

5/20 DanTDM minecraft

Aaaaaand... how many views had Dan got at that point in order to receive the record?


6/20 Which of these is NOT the title of a DanTDM Minecraft video?


7/20 With which 2 other people did DanTDM play the Pixelmon Season 2 series? 


8/20 AND... which was DanTDM's chosen starter Pokémon in the same series?


9/20 What was behind the first door Dan walked through in the video 'MINECRAFT CLICKBAIT..'?

10/20 DanTDM Minecraft
DanTDM | YouTube

Dan LOVES scary games (sometimes)! What was the name of the Hello Neighbour tribute game he played in the video 'HELLO NEIGHBOUR IN MINECRAFT!!!'?


11/20 Dan's known for the colourful characters he's created in Minecraft, and who have appeared in his graphic novels and YouTube Red series. But - WITHOUT LOOKING! - what colour are Dr. Trayaurus' eyes?


12/20 How small is the smallest house Dan is able to make in the video 'Minecraft | WORLD'S SMALLEST HOUSES!!!'?


13/20 In the video 'MY BEST MINECRAFT VIDEO IDEA EVER', what description did Dan give to his realm 'DanTDM's Really Cool Realm'?


14/20 And what WAS Dan's 'best Minecraft video idea ever'?

15/20 DanTDM Minecraft

In October last year Dan published a video called 'DANTDM'S NEW MINECRAFT SKIN!!!' - but WHY was he looking for a new skin?


16/20 Look carefully! Which of these is NOT a real DanTDM Minecraft character?


17/20 In the first episode of his Minecraft: Story Mode playthrough, what was Dan's answer to the question 'would you rather fight a hundred chicken-sized zombies, or ten zombie-sized chickens?'


18/20 And what reason did he give for making the decision? 


19/20 What was the first 'secret' Dr. Trayaurus shared about Dan in the video 'Minecraft | 5 SECRETS ABOUT DANTDM!!'


20/20 AND FINALLY! Because it's been a hard quiz, here's an easy warm-down question. What does the 'TDM' in DanTDM stand for?

DanTDM Minecraft
DanTDM | YouTube

What!? Have you ever even SEEN a DanTDM video?

DanTDM Minecraft
MoreTDM | YouTube

Call yourself a DanTDM fan? Why not go watch some videos and try again - unless you want to be thrown into the Beano's pit for non-DanTDM fans...

DanTDM Minecraft
MoreTDM | YouTube

Not bad! It was a hard quiz... but if you want to get counted among the elite DanTDM fans you'll need to step up your game! Why not practice with a few of these other quizzes?

DanTDM Minecraft

Oooh, not bad! Not bad at all. Maybe with a little bit more practice you'll get invited into DanTDM's Really Cool Realm yourself one day!

DanTDM Minecraft

Go you! You're creeping towards the top of the Beano's DanTDM superfan rankings! Keep it up like this and one day you might know Dan better than he knows himself!

DanTDM Minecraft

WHAT! You got them all right!? Either you're DanTDM himself... or you're his biggest fan! CONGRATULATIONS!