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The Ultimate DanTDM Tomodachi Life Quiz

It's one of his favourite games, but how much do you know about DanTDM's Tomodachi Life videos?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

The Ultimate DanTDM Tomodachi Life quiz!

DanTDM | YouTube

How did Dan first describe the game in the video 'OUR VERY OWN ISLAND!! | Tomodachi Life'?


2/16 And what did Dan name his first ever island in the game?


3/16 Which apartment number does Dan's avatar live in on the island?ย 

DanTDM | YouTube

Who was the second Mii character that Dan created in the game? HINT: he's made this character in almost every game!


5/16 Dan added Jemma to his island third. What new store was opened when she got added?


6/16 And what is Jemma's number one like according to the 'MYSTERY NEW ISLANDER!!' video? Hint: It's a food!


7/16 What costume was Dan excited to put his own character in later in the same video?


Things take a turn for the DRAMATIC in the video 'TRAYAURUS CONFESSES HIS LOVE?! | Tomodachi Life #7'. But who does Trayaurus confess his love to?


9/16 Which REAL LIFE famous person is mentioned in the episode title of the sixth video in Dan's Tomodachi Life series? HINT: In the video, they have a bath!


10/16 Dan manages to find his trademark blue hair dye in the game! But who does he have an epic RAP BATTLE with in the episode 'THE BIG RAP BATTLE!! | Tomodachi Life #10'?


11/16 Dan loves Tomodachi Life SO MUCH! But which of his characters did he turn into a kid in one of his videos about it?


According to the episode 'THE MIND-BLOWING FACT!! | Tomodachi Life #20', what is the age difference between Jemma and Princess Elsa off've Frozen?


13/16 Which of these characters was NOT a resident of Dan's island in the game?


14/16 What is the name of the pug character that Dan scanned in from a QR code in the episode 'THAT ISN'T A PUG... (Tomodachi Life #33)'ย (It really doesn't look like a pug though...)


15/16 Which character from another of Dan's favourite games is on the preview thumbnail of his video 'TOMODACHI. LIFE. #35'?

DanTDM | YouTube

AND FINALLY! In the episode 'PRANKING CRAIG IN HIS SLEEP!! | Tomodachi Life #11', how does Dan prank Craig?

DanTDM | YouTube

What the... how does this even happen?? I don't think you've ever watched a DanTDM video or ever played Tomodachi Life! Try again!

Ooooh, dear. That's not a very good score - not even half of the answers are right! Why don't you go watch some of Dan's videos and give it another go?

DanTDM | YouTube

Not bad! You got over half of the answers right! So you've played some of our other DanTDM quizzes - but do you know much about Tomodachi Life? Why not watch some of his videos on it and then try again?

DanTDM | YouTube

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DanTDM | YouTube

I don't believe it! You got them ALL RIGHT?!...Dan is that you?

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