The Ultimate David Walliams Book Trivia Quiz

Read any books by David Walliams? Of course you have! So test your knowledge with this MASSIVE quiz!

In Gangsta Granny, what does Ben find out about his granny?

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In Mr Stink, what is the name of Chloe's father's old rock band?

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Where does Mr. Stink live?

In the Boy in the Dress, what does Dennis call himself when he's wearing a dress?

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In Billionaire Boy, how did Joe's Dad make his fortune?

What is Mr Hawtrey's secret in The Boy in the Dress?

What's the only thing that Joe from Billionaire Boy doesn't have?

In Gangsta Granny, what does Ben's granny usually feed him when he comes to stay?

In Gangsta Granny, How does Granny make the Beefeaters fall asleep?

In Gangsta Granny, when PC Fudge asks, where does Granny say her and Ben are going? 

In Ratburger, what's the name of Zoe's rat?

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...and what's name of the girl who bullies Zoe?

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In Awful Auntie, why did Aunt Alberta fight with the Germans in World War 1?

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What animals does Aunt Alberta like most in Awful Auntie?

In Grandpa's Great Escape, what's the name of the care home Grandpa escapes from?

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What kind of plane does grandpa fly?

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In The Demon Dentist, what shape is Miss Root's hair?

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In The Demon Dentist, what does Miss Root give out to all the children?

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What's the name of the newsagent who appears in lots of David Walliams' books?

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BONUS QUESTION: How many books has David Walliams written?

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