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Love Dennis & Gnasher? Then The Ultimate Dennis & Gnasher Book is Just For You!

On September 30, The Ultimate Dennis and Gnasher Book will be released. Find out more here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 1st 2021

To celebrate 70 years of Dennis, The Ultimate Dennis & Gnasher Book will be unleashed on the public on September 30th. It's a bumper book of the duo's classic adventures packed into a whopping 160 pages!

Join the definitive rebel and his faithful hound in this ultimate collection of Dennis and Gnasher stories straight from Beanotown! Follow their funniest, wackiest and often messiest adventures all in one book.

There's also an exclusive new story to read too, which reveals the secret of his Dennis' iconic striped jumper in The Epic Yarn of Awesomeness!

Check out the book's cover in all its glory below!