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The Ultimate Disney Emoji Quiz

Love Disney? Spend all day messaging your mates on your phone? Then this Disney emoji quiz is for you!


What's the Disney film?


Easy one, this! What's the Disney film?


Getting harder. Which Disney film is this?


Say what you see! Which Disney movie is this?


Which classic Disney film is this?


What is the name of the title character in this film?


A pumpkin and a Christmas tree? What Disney film is this?


Which Disney film is this a scene from?


The hardest one…. What Disney film is this?

Sad Face! No, The Princess and the Slug isn't a Disney Film, and Frozen wasn't the film with the Yeti attacking New York. I think you need to do some Disney movie research!

Happy Face! Not bad. Don't be bashful, you could probably name most of the seven dwarves so that's not bad. Certainly nothing to be grumpy about!

Ecstatic Face! You are so Disney Movie that when you take a walk through a forest, little birds land on your shoulder to sing you beautiful songs. Last time a bird landed on my shoulder all I got was a nasty stain!

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