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The Ultimate E-Girl Quiz!

Are you an e-girl know-all? Find out the answer by taking this blam quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 A phone showing different social media apps

Which social media app is favoured by e-girls?

2/10 A person applying makeup

What kind of eye make-up style is worn by e-girl?

3/10 Two girls taking a selfie

What kind of faces are e-girl mostly likely to pull during a selfie?

4/10 A woman in sunglasses and a beanie

What colour hair would you see an e-girl wear?

5/10 Hair grips

What accessories do e-girl wear in their hair?

6/10 A woman looking through clothes on a rack

What clothes are most popular with e-girls?

7/10 A woman listening to music on a big pair of headphones
You're The Worst via Giphy

What music would an e-girl listen to the most?

8/10 A man wearing heavy chains

How many chains would a typical e-girl wear?

9/10 A dog reacting to a TikTok statistic

On TikTok, videos tagged with #egirl have had how many views by October 2019?

10/10 A person drawing on a woman's face

What symbol would an e-girl draw on her cheek?

Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try
@spicedbites | Instagram

Good try! Why not have another go? You might get an even bigger score!

Great work

Great work! A solid display of e-girl trivia!

Total e-girl
@livi.e | Instagram

Total E-Girl! You got a perfect score!