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The Ultimate Easter Bunny Quiz!

Take our Easter Bunny Quiz to find out how much you know about the Easter Bunny!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 18th 2024

The Easter Bunny performs a very important job every Easter of delivering delicious chocolate eggs to your garden. But how much do you know about this enigmatic, seasonal rabbit? Take our Easter Bunny Quiz and find out? The more questions you answer correctly, the more eggs you’ll get this Easter (not really)!

1/11 A rabbit with a colourful brick background

Eostre, the goddess of spring's rabbit could lay eggs because it was originally a bird. True or false?


What are the Easter Bunny’s eggs usually made of?

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3/11 In what season does the Easter Bunny appear?

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4/11 Which of these is a rival Easter creature?


Real bunnies sometimes eat their own poo. True or False?


What is the white of the egg called?


Which of these isn’t a real chocolate company?


What does the Easter Bunny traditionally carry eggs in?


In which religion is Easter celebrated?


10/11 From which country does the Easter Bunny story originate?


11/11 Which animal is used instead of an Easter Bunny in Australia

Zero Eggs. You know almost nothing about the Easter Bunny. Have another go!

Not bad. You get a handful of Mini Eggs but that’s all. AND YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO EAT THEM BEFORE LUNCH!

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Well Done! You must have pleased the Easter Bunny. You get a couple of Big Eggs and not the sort that are empty either. These ones have Mini Eggs inside.

The Easter Bunny is very happy! You have been gifted a lifetime’s supply of Chocolate Eggs. You must be overjoyed and so is your dentist.