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Ultimate English Football Quiz!

How much do you know about the beautiful game? Test your footie trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 3rd 2021

Do you eat, sleep and breathe football? Then this quiz should be really easy, right? See how many you can answer correctly!


Which of these teams did England NOT beat in the 2020 Euros?


What item of clothing is Gareth Southgate most famous for wearing?

@marcusrashford | instagram

Which English footballer donates the most money to help kids?

@jpickford1 | instagram

Who was the main goalie for England during the 2020 Euros?


Where was the final of the 2020 Euros?


What's the name of Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium? 

7/25 Manchester United's badge

How many years was Sir Alex Ferguson the manager of Manchester United?


Who won The Emirates FA Cup in 2019?

9/25 Mo Salah

Which international team does Mohamed Salah play for?


Which Midlands club are known as The Blues?

11/25 A sad football player

Which of the following teams were relegated from the Premier League in 2020?

12/25 Andy Carroll

Which football team did Andy Carroll rejoin in 2019?

13/25 A packed out football stadium

Which English stadium has the biggest capacity?

14/25 A canary

Which team are known as The Canaries?

15/25 Steph Houghton

Which club does England Women's captain Steph Houghton play for? 

16/25 An action shot of a footballer in a packed stadium

How many teams are in the EFL Championship?

17/25 Football badge featuring a seagull
Wikimedia Commons

Which team does this badge belong to?

18/25 A fox

Which team are nicknamed The Foxes?

19/25 England football badge
Wikimedia Commons

What are the English women's football team also known as?

20/25 A football fan watching a game from his armchair

In which year did the Premier League start?

21/25 A black and white photo of a game of football

In which year did the first-ever recorded women's football match take place?

22/25 A footballer clutching a trophy

Which team won the first ever Premier League?

23/25 A goalkeeper stopping a shot

Which Premier League goalkeeper holds the record for the most clean sheets in one season?

24/25 Ellen White

How many goals did Ellen White score for England in the 2019 Women's World Cup?

25/25 A footballer kicking a ball

Who was the top scorer in the Premier League 2019-20 season?

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