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The Ultimate Ethan Dolan Quiz

Ethan Dolan Rocks! Play our Ethan Dolan Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021
@dolantwins | YouTube

Where was Ethan Dolan born?


2/9 Is this a real tweet from Ethan: "I was just laying down tanning at the beach and a puppy jumped on my FACE and then started peeing right next to my head and for some reason.... I want a puppy now?"

@ethandolan | Instagram

Hey it's Ethan and his twin. Is Ethan on your left or right?

Chuckle Brothers | BBC | BBC

What's his brother's name?

@ethandolan | Instagram

Ethan's got the what?

@ethandolan | Instagram

Which is Ethan?

@ethandolan | Instagram

Cool tatt' Ethan. What is it?

@ethandolan | Instagram

Style question. What is Ethan wearing?

@ethandolan | Instagram

Ethan loves animals. What's he got here?

@ethandolan | Instagram

What do you mean who is Ethan Dolan? 

@ethandolan | Instagram

You know Ethan Dolan like you know cheese. You know you like it, but you're never going to have a meaningful conversation with it

@ethandolan | Instagram

Ethan Dolan's BFF. Hey, haven't I seen you on his YouTube channel?