The Ultimate Extreme Sport Video!

Feeling brave? See if you can make it through our ultimate extreme sports video. Feel like you're doing the real thing from the safety of your sofa!


Unless you've got to go to school, snow is the absolute bee's knees isn't it? And snow bikes look like perfect way to get around if the place where you live looks like the Star Wars planet of Hoth.

But we'd definitely chicken out of zooming off the side of a mountain – that's why we love videos like this. Far safer!



Tennis is lots of fun but the chances of playing a world class player like Roger Federer are pretty small – unless you put in lots of practice!

Tennis with Roger Federer
Image by Roger Federer | YouTube


Have you always wanted to give boxing a try but don't like the idea of being punched by someone wearing massive gloves? 

This video clip will give you an idea of what it's like to be in the ring. Ding, ding!

Image by Josh Deforge | YouTube


We've all dreamed of scoring a scorcher from the edge of the penalty box. 

What, you have already? Then you're a better player than us. Nice work!

Image by Nike


Rugby is fun, but we do not relish the challenge of trying to tackle that man who's running straight at us

Image by Aaron Peacock | YouTube


Have you notice how high those basketball hoops are? We'd need a pair of wings or a stepladder to reach them. 

This video gives us a sweet idea of what it's like do an epic slam dunk. Thanks internet!

A slam dunk
Image by GoPro | YouTube


If you watch this clip of someone spinning around on gymnastics bars, you will feel dizzy

Image by Cal Sullivan | YouTube

Mountain Biking!

Who doesn't love zipping around on their bike? We'd maybe draw the line at hurtling down a big dusty hill – how scary is that?

Mountain Biking!
Image by PA S | YouTube


Walking on the snow can be slippery at times. Imagine strapping on a pair of skis and whizzing down a mountain and off a huge jump?

It makes our knees go wobbly just thinking about it!

Image by PF Productions | YouTube


Tobogganing is winter sports' answer to becoming a human cannonball

Does anyone know how to steer this thing?

Image by Olympic | YouTube


Formula 1 is one of the most exciting sports that involves driving cars around a track very, very fast

We bet they get to the shops in a flash!

Image by Lucas Di Grassi | YouTube


This is basically the same as Formula 1 but with less wheels – yet equally as exciting!

Image by UTOOBASAURUS | YouTube


While the UK rarely sees waves this awesome, this clip gives us a pretty good idea of riding the tube, dude!

Image by UTOOBASAURUS | YouTube

Jumping off a cliff into a lake!

We've saved the best until last – or worst, depending on whether you have a fear of heights

The clip starts innocently enough, where we're treated to a pleasant walk through a relaxing forest – then they hurl themselves off a cliff into a freezing cold lake.


Jumping off a cliff into a lake
Image by Wolf Ruck | YouTube

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