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Winner Or DNF? Driver Level F1 Quiz

Can you get pole position in our epic F1 Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 18th 2022

The F1 season is nearly here. If you were going to sign to race with a team which one should you DEFINITELY not choose?


Practice lap to familiarise yourself with the course... Where are we, by the way?


Serious stuff now. The time trial. Fastest gets pole position. Which one of these drivers isn't a real rival?


You're on the starting grid. You grip the wheel tightly and check your RPM... Wait, what does RPM stand for?


Your car speeds towards the all important first corner, but you're oversteering. What should you do?


Nicely done! There's a chicane approaching. Just wanted to check you knew what that was?


Pitstop coming up! What are we doing?


Why's that dude waving a yellow flag at you?


You've crossed the line in first place. How do you know you've done all the laps?


You've won the race! Where do you stand?

Black flag! Disqualified for dangerous driving and general lameness

On the podium! Not bad for a rookie driver

Grand Prix Winner. Awesome F1 skills!