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The Ultimate F2Freestylers Quiz!

How well do you know these footie magicians? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's go!

1/20 F2 Freestylers

What are the F2Freestylers' real names?

2/20 The F2Freestylers
TheF2Freestylers | Facebook

How many people subscribe to their YouTube channel? 

3/20 Billy Wingrove
freekickerz | YouTube

How many Guiness World Records does Billy own?

4/20 F2 Freestylers
TSBA Group

Which club signed Billy? 

5/20 Jeremy Lynch
BT Sport

When he was a teenager, Jeremy was signed to which football team's academy?

6/20 Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has appeared with the F2Freestylers. True or false?

7/20 F2 Freestylers

In 2016, the pair launched their own tv show in the USA - what was it called?

8/20 Jeremy Lynch on FIFA 16
EASports | YouTube

What inspired Jeremy to learn football tricks?

9/20 Jeremy Lynch in 2008

In which TV show was Jeremy a finalist in 2008?

10/20 Billy Wingrove

Billy Wingrove’s dad played for which London team?

11/20 Wembley

The F2Freestylers team Tekkers Town lost to Hashtag United at Wembley in 2017. What was the score?

12/20 Billy Wingrove
F2FootballClub | Twitter

Billy set a record for keepie-ups, using alternate feet. How many did he do?

13/20 Billy Wingrove
Rascal_Clothing | Twitter

Billy is a global ambassador for AC Milan. True or false?

14/20 F2 Freestylers
random_sidekick | Twitter

In which year did the duo launch their YouTube channel?

15/20 F2
TheF2Freestylers | Facebook

The F2 Freestylers have their own clothing Range. What's it called?

16/20 Billy and Jeremy

What does 'tekkers' mean?

17/20 Billy and Jeremy
Rascal_Clothing | Twitter

In which year did they receive a million likes on Facebook?

18/20 Spanish football stars celebrate a goal

Which Spanish football club did they train with in 2016?

19/20 Billy Wingrove

By 2016, how many views on average did their YouTube trick videos get?

20/20 Jeremy and Billy
JeremyLynch1 | Twitter

What was the name of the 2007 football documentary that Jeremy appeared in? 


Oh dear! You might have more luck playing football in a pair of wellies!


Good effort! Why not have another go and try to get an even better score?


Sweet skills! You're clearly a massive fan of the F2 duo!


Awesome! You know everything about Billy and Jeremy. Nice work!