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The Ultimate FC Barcelona Quiz

How much do you know about Spanish fooball giants, Barcelona? Do you call them Barça? You'd better!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 3rd 2023

Let's get this game started? What sport are we playing again?


2/9 In what country do FC Barcelona play?


3/9 Spot one of the colours of FC Barcelona's famous kit


4/9 Spot the other colour of FC Barcelona's famous kit


What's the name of FC Barcelona's stadium?


Language test: What does their motto "Més que un club" mean?

7/9 A goalkeeper falling into a goalpost

Which legend has never played for Barcelona?


Top level manager Jose Mourinho used to play for FC Barcelona: True or False?


How old was Lionel Messi when he made his professional debut for the team?

Result: Own goal

An own goal, sent off, and your shorts fell down just before you missed that penalty. Frankly, you've had an absolute shocker.

Result: Well done

Ole! Not the best performance of your career but you've salvaged some points. Well done!

Result: Greatest of all time

GREATEST OF ALL TIME! You've had an absolute blinder!