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Ultimate Field Hockey Quiz

Test your hockey know-how with this stick-tastic sports quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which one of these sports is field hockey most similar too?


How many players are on each team?


In lots of parts of the world, Field Hockey is also called what?


What's it called when you hit someone in the ankle in a game of Field Hockey?


As well as Field Hockey and Ice Hockey, there is also Wind Hockey - which you play on top of huge cliffs in Wales. True or false?

National Archaeological Museum, Athens

Here's a tricky one! The Ancient Greeks played a version of hockey at the original Olympics in 510 BC. What did they use as hockey sticks?


In official hockey games, you're not allowed to use left-handed sticks. So if you're left-handed you have to just make do. True or false?

@fuzzy cactus | giphy

Field hockey is the national sport of which country?


Field hockey can be played on what?

Uh oh. More of a football fan? Never mind.

Pretty good! This talking hockey stick has seen better though - try another quiz?

Good job! This talking hockey stick is very pleased!

Amazing! High score! This talking hockey stick is super impressed!