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The Ultimate Flag Quiz

How well do you know the flags of the world? Finish this fiendish quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 6th 2023

Are you a budding vexillologist? That's the study of flags.

Flags have been used for centuries to represent a country, an army, an organisation or even sports teams on the terraces. In medieval Europe, knights and lords would display flags or banners to denote their family crest or mark out their land.

Denmark's Dannebrog – a white cross on a red background – is regarded as the oldest flag, and was created around the early 13th century. Now, there are 195 international flags to represent the countries around the world. The most internationally recognised flag belongs to the United States of America. The 'Stars and Stripes' has evolved along with the country. The 50 stars represent the States, while the stripes are used to symbolise the original 13 colonies.

In the UK, the Union Jack or Union Flag – is used to symbolise the countries Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It was originally called the Union Jack when it was flown at sea – some people preferred to say Union Flag when it wasn't – but was officially named so in the early 1900s after a decision by the government. So, Union Jack it is.

Apart from the ol' Jack, there are many different types of flags used on boats! These nautical symbols come in different shapes and colours and are used to pass messages on to other boats, like if there's an emergency or something to look out for in the approaching water.

In recent years, flags have been designed to represent different groups too. Apart from the rainbow flag, the LGBTQ+Β community has over 20 different pride flags.

This is the ultimate flag quiz. Are you a total vexillologist or more of a casual flag observer? Take this quiz and find out!

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What flag is this?


Flags are always rectangles. True or false?


Back in the 1950s, Cardiff was the capital of the United Kingdom of Wales. This was its flag. True or false?


4/12 Which of these flags is French?


Ok this one is a bit trickier. What is the blue circle in the middle of the Brazilian flag?


Which country does this flag belong to?


And who's flag is this?


This flag of Canada is upside down. True or false?


9/12 Ok this one is super hard! These are the flags of Ireland, Ivory Coast, Italy and Mali - and they all look VERY similar. Which one is the Irish one?


This is the flag of Taiwan. For a final point...where is Taiwan?


11/12 One of these flags belongs to Greenland. Which one is it?

12/12 A five-colour flag

This flag is pretty eye-catching. Which country does it represent?

Uh-oh! Tough luck. Have another go?

Ok! This was a tricky quiz, so not bad at all!

Nicely done! You know your stuff!

Very good - very good indeed! This was a tricky quiz so well done!