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The 2019 Football Quiz!

How much do you remember from the beautiful game's last 12 months? Take the quiz and test your footie trivia!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Here we go! Here we go!


1/10 Which England women's football player was joint-top scorer at the 2019 World Cup?


Who was the Championship's leading scorer in 2018-19?

3/10 The USA football team badge

Who is the captain of the USA women's football team?

4/10 The Premier League

Which team won the 2018-19 Premier title?

5/10 A football player

Which team won the FA Cup in 2019?

6/10 A football showing lots of different country flags

How many goals did England score against Montenegro this year?

7/10 Gareth Bale
@garethbale11 | Instagram

Welsh star Gareth Bale plays for which Spanish team?

8/10 Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah
@mosalah | Instagram

How many goals did Mohamed Salah score for Liverpool in the 2018-19 league?

9/10 Mauricio Pochettino

Who replaced Mauricio Pochettino as Spurs' manager in November?

10/10 England women's captain

What's the name of England women's captain?

Oh no

Oh no! That's bottom of the league stuff! Why not have another go?

Good try
@garethbale11 | Instagram

Good try! Gareth Bale seems pleased with your efforts!

Great work

Great stuff! That's a solid display of trivia!

@mrapinoe | Instagram

Legend! You're a total footie expert!