August 18th 2019

History General Knowledge Quiz!

How much do you know about history? Why not test your knowledge in this epic trivia challenge?

byBeano Quiz Team

There's LOADS of history  - we're talking THOUSANDS of years, but if you're an extra brainy history fan we bet you'll know about all the coolest bits! Test yourself with this epic general history quiz and maybe if you do really well you'll make it into the history books! (Ok, you probably won't, but it's worth a go!)

Good luck!

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In what year did the Battle of Hastings take place?

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When was Queen Elizabeth II's coronation?

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How many days did the Great Fire of London last in 1666?

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Which flower is worn on Remembrance Day?

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Who was the President of America before Donald Trump?

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How many wives did Henry VIII have?

Totally Random Questions

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Which war started on 1 September, 1939?

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Which of the following is not credited with inventing the television?


Which scientist discovered gravity?

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Who was the first person to walk on the moon?


What did Ancient Egyptians chew to cure a poorly stomach?


Who created the first police force in the UK?

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