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The Ultimate George Ezra Quiz

Put your George Ezra knowledge to the test with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate George Ezra Quiz

1/8 George Ezra

How many albums does George Ezra have?

2/8 George Ezra Performing

What was George's first UK number one single?

3/8 George Ezra performing

What instrument does George play?

4/8 George Ezra Performing

What's the name of George's podcast?

5/8 George Ezra Perofrming

Complete the lyric: 'Give me one good reason...'

6/8 George Ezra
@George Ezra | Youtube

How many siblings does George have?

7/8 George Ezra Music Video
@GeorgeEzraVevo | Youtube

What do George's parents do for a living?

8/8 George Ezra music video
@GeogeEzraVevo | Youtube

What's the name of George's second album?

Amazing result

Wow, you're a huge George Ezra fan! Well done!

Well done result

Nice work! You're clearly a big George Ezra fan!

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You've heard a few of George's songs but you're not his biggest fan! Have another go and try and raise your score!

Oh no result

Uh oh - you're not much of a George Ezra fan - maybe you're thinking of George Michael? Try again!