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10 Question Hanukkah Quiz!

How well do you know this Jewish festival? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 19th 2022

How much do you know about this annual Jewish festival and celebration?

1/9 A selection items used to celebrate Hanukkah

What does Hanukkah mean in Hebrew?

2/9 A Hanukkah menorah

What is Hanukkah also known as?

3/9 A latke being fried
Rugrats | Nickelodeon

Which of the following foods is not a traditional Hanukkah treat?

4/9 Jewish spinning tops

What are these spinning tops called?

5/9 Lighting the menorah
evite | Giphy

How many branches does a Hanukkah menorah – or chanukiah – have?

6/9 A collection of candles

In total, how many candles are lighted during Hanukkah?

7/9 Beverly Goldberg wears a Hanukkah-themed jumper
The Goldbergs | Adam F. Goldberg Productions, Happy Madison Productions, Sony Pictures Television | ABC

Why does Hanukkah last for eight nights?

8/9 A Jewish Woman lighting Hanukkah candles in a menorah

A Menorah isn't lit every night of the holiday. True or false?

9/9 A closeup of some Jewish donuts filled with strawberry jelly

Why are Hanukkah meals fried?

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