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19 Question Ultimate Horse Quiz!

Whoa there! Saddle up and test your knowledge with this horse-some quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 9th 2022

Hay! Stop horsing around and giddy up - this quiz won't answer itself...

1/19 A black horse

Which of these was a famous fictional horse?

2/19 A confused white horse

Most white horses start off a different colour and become more white over time. What colour do they usually start off as?

3/19 Some wild horses

Fill in the blank! The Mongolian horse is the only ____ horse left in the world.

4/19 A horse showing it's teeth

A horse's teeth are bigger than their brain. True or false?

5/19 A horse pulling a face
@dominorecordingco | giphy

Which of these things do horses use to express their feelings?

6/19 Horse and dinosaur on slime background

True or false: there was a prehistoric horse that was four times the size of today's horses?

7/19 Hippo on blue background

What does the word 'hippopotamus' mean?


Horses can sleep standing up and lying down. True or false?


Which of these is NOT a name for a type of horse?


It is possible to breed horses and zebras. These animals are called Zorses or Zebroids. True or false?


If horses could use computers, what brand would they buy?


When can newborn horses start walking?


What is a pony?


What's the fastest a horse can run?


Horses can't burp. True or false?


How long have humans been riding horses?


What can you find out about a horse by looking at it's teeth?

18/19 Horse skeleton

How many bones are in a horse skeleton?

19/19 A young female horse

What is a young female horse called?

Oh neigh! Your horse knowledge isn't quite up to scratch. Try again?

Neigh-t too bad! You can do better though, have another go!

Neigh horseplay here! You know your stuff!

You're outstanding in your field (you know, like a horse)! Well done!