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The Ultimate Katy Perry Quiz

Can you answer these 15 questions about KayPay?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 4th 2017

How much do you know about Katy Perry?

1/15 Katy Perry TGIF

What is Katy Perry's real name?

2/15 Katy Perry performing in Poland

Why did she choose 'Katy Perry' as her stage name?

3/15 Katy Perry's dad Maurice Keith Hudson
Twitter | @mkeithhudson

What job does her dad do?

4/15 Mary Christine, Katy Perry's mum
Twitter | @mkeithhudson

And what job does her mum do?

5/15 Katy Perry has won loads of awards
Twitter | @bbcr1

Katy Perry has been nominated for loads of awards, but what was her first award winning song?

6/15 Katy Perry and a sweet-looking outfit
Youtube | OnlyKatyPerry

When did Katy Perry win her first Grammy?

7/15 Katy Perry Unconditionally
Youtube | Katy Perry Vevo

Which of these rap artists have NOT featured on a Katy Perry track?

8/15 Katy Perry as Smurfette

True or False: Katy Perry has only voiced one animated character, Smurfette from the first two Smurfs films


Which of these celebrities has she never dated?

10/15 Katy Perry and former husband Russell Brand
Twitter | @MirrorCeleb

True or False - She was married to wiggy scarecrow Russell Brand for 14 months

11/15 Katy Perry has some cool music videos

Her first concert documentary came out in 2012, but what was it called?

12/15 Katy Perry covered in pretty flowers

The Teenage Dream album was super awesome! But how many amazing songs were in the charts at the same time?

13/15 Katy Perry with her cute cat

What's the name of one of Katy Perry's cats?


What do Katy Perry fans call themselves?

15/15 Katy loves a good wig!
Youtube | Katy Perry Vevo

Katy is famous for using awesome and colourful wigs in her videos, but what is her natural hair colour?

Katy Perry with a handful of melon

You total melon! You're not even close to being a true fan.

Katy Perry with a sweet treat
Flickr | Katy Perry Barbie

Sweet baby! You got a good score… but can you get even more points?

The End
Twitter | @katyperry

You are the perfect Katy-Cat! Keep on shining like the firework that you are. Roar etc!