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The Ultimate Lachlan Quiz!

How much do you know about this YouTube gaming star? Find out by taking this amazing quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Are you ready?

1/20 Lachlan likes number balloons
LachlanYT | Twitter

What is Lachlan's full name?

2/20 Lachlan Power leans against a fence
LachlanYT | Twitter

In which country was he born?

3/20 Lachlan Power
LachlanYT | Twitter

What date is his birthday? 

4/20 Lachlan on his YouTube channel

When did he launch his YouTube channel?

5/20 Lachlan Power
LachlanYT | Twitter

What was his YouTube channel originally called?

6/20 Lachlan has a very popular YouTube channel
Lachlan | YouTube

What was his YouTube channel named after?

7/20 Lachlan loves a particular kind of food!
Lachlan | YouTube

What's his favourite food?

8/20 Lachlan Power
Lachlan | YouTube

How tall is Lachlan in centimetres?

9/20 Lachlan and his pet dog
Lachlan | Instagram

What's the name of his pet dog?

10/20 A Pokemon character

What's Lachlan's favourite Pokémon character?

11/20 Lachlan and his car
Lachlan | Instagram

True or false: Lachlan has 2 personalised car number plates – L4CHLAN and BANTER

12/20 Lachlan and JAYG3R
Lachlan | YouTube

After losing a Rocket League game to his friend JAYG3R, what did Lachlan have to do as punishment? 

13/20 Lachlan at the Val-d'Isère ski resort in France
lachlan | Instagram

When Lachlan visited the Val-d'Isère ski resort in France, what snack did he have on the slopes?

14/20 Lachlan and his clothing range
LachlanYT | Twitter

What's the name of Lachlan's new clothing company? 

15/20 Lachlan is a popular YouTuber
Lachlan | YouTube

Lachlan has a second YouTube channel called LachlanPlayz. True or false?

16/20 Lachlan holds up a football trophy
LachlanYT | Twitter

Which game can you normally find Lachlan playing the most at the moment?

17/20 Lachlan and his sister
Lachlan | YouTube

How many subscribers does Lachlan have for his main YouTube channel?

18/20 Lachlan in Sydney
Lachlan | YouTube

In Scotland, what does 'Lachlan' mean?

19/20 Lachlan plays Fortnite
Lachlan | YouTube

What is Lachlan's star sign?

20/20 Lachlan Power and his brother
Lachlan | YouTube

What is the name of Lachlan's brother and sister?

Oh Dear
LachlanYT | Twitter

Oh dear! Why not have another go? We believe in you!

Good effort
LachlanYT | Twitter

Good effort! Why not have another go and try to get an even better score!

Great work!
Lachlan | YouTube

Great stuff! You know loads about Lachlan, don't you?

Lachlan | YouTube

Awesome! You know everything about Lachlan. You're not actually Lachlan, are you?