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The Ultimate Luke Davidson Quiz!

YouTuber and TikToker Luke Davidson is watched around the world for his pranks, challenges and reactions… but how much do YOU know about the creative Canadian comic? Put your skills to the test with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 3rd 2021
1/12 Luke smiling
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

Where was Luke born?

2/12 Luke standing outside his front door
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

When did Luke first start YouTubing?

3/12 Laptop showing hundreds of YouTube thumbnails

What is Luke’s most popular YouTube video so far?

4/12 Luke holding up a keyboard
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

What are Luke’s two favourite sports?

5/12 Cute cat with googly eyes

What are the names of Luke’s three pet cats?

6/12 Luke standing next to a sports car
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

What colour are Luke’s eyes?

7/12 Luke sat on bed
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

What are Luke’s parents called?

8/12 Luke standing outside in the snow
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

How tall is Luke?

9/12 gold YouTube logo in black void

How many YouTube subscribers does Luke have as of June 2021?

10/12 Luke TikToking
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

What star sign is Luke?

11/12 Luke smiling
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

What is Luke's favourite food?

12/12 Burst of different paint colours

What is Luke's favourite colour?

Oh dear
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

Oh dear! It seems you may need to watch a few more of Luke's vids if you're to be a true trivia champ! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Not so hot
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

Not so hot! While not the worst score in the world, you may need to brush up on your YouTuber trivia if you're to truly achieve quizzing competence... Never mind! Why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Pretty good!
lukedavidson__ | Instagram

Pretty good! While not an absolutely PERFECT score, you certainly know your YouTubers / TikTokers! A very respectable result, good job!

lukedavidson__ | Instagram

Amazing! You got a PERFECT score!!! There's no doubt about it, you really know your YouTube stars. An incredible result, well done!