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The Ultimate Minnie the Minx Quiz!

Test your Minnie the Minx knowledge with our ultimate quiz...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 28th 2022
1/10 Minnie the Mix running away

How many brothers does Minnie have?


2/10 Without looking, what colour are Minnie's socks?

3/10 Minnie the Minx with a catapult

True or False? Dennis the Menace is Minnie the Minx's cousin?


4/10 When is Minnie the Minx's birthday?

5/10 Minnie the Minx with giant boxing gloves

What is Minnie's most prized possession?


6/10 What is Minnie's real first name?


7/10 Minnie has a secret admirer, but who is it?


8/10 Apart from her peashooter and some ammo, what does Minnie always keep in her pocket?

9/10 Minnie the Minx throwing her hat

Apart from Walter, who does Minnie think is the biggest pain at Bash Street School


10/10 What is Minnie's surname?

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