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The Ultimate MrBeast Gaming Quiz!

How much do you know about MrBeast’s gaming challenges? Take the quiz and find out almost immediately!

MrBeast – aka Jimmy Donaldson – launched his YouTube Gaming channel and challenges his pals to various games. How much do you know about these gaming tests? Find out now!

1/12 MrBeast
@MrBeast | Instagram

Including MrBeast Gaming, how many YouTube channels does he have?

2/12 MrBeast displays a big Minecraft watch
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

Which gaming video is his most popular post so far?

3/12 MrBeast
MrBeast | YouTube

Who can subscribe to MrBeast Gaming?

4/12 MrBeast builds his own Minecraft country
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

Which of the following is a genuine episode title?

5/12 A man with a silly amount of cash

True or false: MrBeast once donated $100,000 to Twitch streamers.

6/12 MrBeast plays Minecraft
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

MrBeast loves playing Minecraft. But what's the title of this YouTube episode?

7/12 MrBeast builds his own Minecraft country
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

In 'I Made My Own Country In Minecraft', who joins MrBeast on this episode?

8/12 MrBeast and a Minecraft challenge
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

Complete this title: Last To Leave _____ Wins $10,000!

9/12 MrBeast invites many Minecraft players to mine 1 million blocks
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

In this episode, how many random Minecraft players did MrBeast invite to attempt to mine 1 million blocks?

10/12 A man counting
Achievement Hunter | Giphy

MrBeast Gaming reached how many subscribers in less than a year?

11/12 MrBeast plays Among Us
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

When did MrBeast launch his gaming channel?

12/12 MrBeast and an impossible maze
MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

In the I Made 100 Players Escape An Impossible Maze, what prize did Mr Beast give to the winner?

Oh no
@mrbeast | Instagram

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try
@mrbeast | Instagram

Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Great work
@mrbeast | Instagram

Great work! You clearly know a thing or several about MrBeast!

MrBeast Gaming | YouTube

Wow! A perfect score. We can only assume you're a MrBeast expert or the man himself!

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