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The Ultimate Murder Most Unladylike Quiz

How well do you know these epic murder mystery books? Take this quiz and test your skills!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2021
Murder Most Unladylike | Robin Stevens

Who are the main characters from Murder Most Unladylike?


Where is Miss Bell's body found?


Murder Most Unladylike is the THIRD book in a long series. True or false?


In Murder Most Unladylike, where is Hazel from?

Cream Buns and Crime | Robin Stevens

Which book comes next in the series, after Murder Most Unladylike?

@redbreastedbird | instagram

Someone called Robin Stevens wrote the series - but can you guess which person in this photo they are?


What's the name of the school in Murder Most Unladylike?


What subject did Miss Bell teach?


Finish the title of this book in the series:Mistletoe and__

Oh dear! Have you read the books? Never mind - try another quiz?

Pretty good! Now see if you can beat this score on another quiz!

Niiiiice! You know your stuff! Now - try another quiz?

Wahoo! High score! You're a proper bookworm! (That's a good thing, by the way)