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Ultimate 25 Question One Direction Quiz!

Are you a true Directioner? Take the test and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2023

One Direction or 1D are one of the most popular pop bands of the last ten years and have made Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam mega famous. But all good things must come to an end and since 2006 all five original members have pursued solo careers! But can you get 100% on this hard One Direction Quiz? If you fancy yourself as a Harry Styles expert then why not take our Harry Styles Quiz?

1/25 One Direction

Which member of One Direction came up with the name?

2/25 One Direction's album Up All Night
One Direction

Who had the most solos on their debut album Up All Night?

3/25 One Direction at the seaside

Who had the least solos on their debut album Up All Night?

4/25 One Direction
onedirection | Instagram

When did the band go on an extended break to concentrate on their solo careers?

5/25 One Direction in concert
One Direction | Giphy

On which talent show did the members meet?

6/25 Simon Cowell
X Factor Global | Giphy

What was the first song they sang at the judges' house?

7/25 Niall Horan

What was the title of One Direction's debut single?

8/25 One Direction
onedirection | Instagram

How albums have they released? 

9/25 One Direction

What was the title of their fourth album, released in 2014?

10/25 A photoshoot from One Direction's most recent album
One Direction | Sven Jacobsen

What was the title of their most recent studio album?

11/25 Harry Styles

What was the title of their documentary released in 2013?

12/25 Louis at the X Factor auditions
louist91 | Instagram

What was Louis Tomlinson's name when he was born?

13/25 Doncaster Rovers club badge
Doncaster Rovers Football Club

Which member of the group was signed to Doncaster Rovers?

14/25 Harry Styles

What is Harry Styles' birthdate?

15/25 One Direction in 2011
One Direction

Which member quit the group on 25 March 2015?

16/25 Cheryl

Which member of One Direction has had a child with the Geordie pop star Cheryl?

17/25 Irish flag

Which member of the group was born in Ireland?

18/25 Harry Styles juggling oranges
One Direction | gIPHY

Which song has not been recorded by the group? 

19/25 One Direction at the Brit Awards

One Direction has received how many BRIT Awards?

20/25 Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles
Fox | Giphy

One Direction have won how many Teen Choice Awards from 31 nominations?


What was the B-Side of 'What Makes You Beautiful?'


Which member was an actor before he became a singer?


What was the band’s best selling book called?


How many tattoos do the members of One Direction have combined?


Harry Styles likes to rub parsnips on his feet because he believes it makes him run faster. True or false?

Oh dear

Oh dear! You've made Liam sad! Have another go to cheer him up!

Good try

Good try! Niall seems pretty pleased with your score, so that's good.


Great! Look, Louis is smiling because you've done really well. Nice work!


Amazing! You're a true Directioner and this quiz proves it!

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